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Pika's Events

Passionate about parties and motivated by the desire to start my own business, in 2016 I created Pikas Events, a kids and adults party planning business. We offer table decoration, magical party decorations as well as workshops and demonstrations tailored to your needs.

Pikas Events will take care of organising and planning your child’s birthday party, with personalized themed decorations, snacks and entertainment providers.

From birthdays to baby showers to luncheons, Pikas Events will organize these important events.

Decorations, theme, room rental, sweet or savoury buffet, entertainment – attention to the smallest detail in order to satisfy your desires and needs!


For those who wish to do the organising on their own, Pikas Events offers a personalised party planning service.

Whether it’s the creation of an event, baby shower, birthday, sweet table or any other occasion- anything is possible!

We will prepare all the necessary products for your party according to your needs and send it directly to your house.

Contents: Personalised decorations (paper decorations, balloons, bunting, …), buffet articles (cake stand, serving plates…), guest thank-you gift bags as well as disposable paperware, cutlery and cups.